Sol-ID your sticker for life – Have you ever given thought to what would happen to you or your child if either one of you was involved in an accident or became ill and had no identification? Who would provide personal and medical information to 911 or emergency medical personnel? How would your family be promptly notified? What if there was a special medical condition or allergy?


Sol-ID your sticker for life

Sol-I.D. has taken the worry out of the unexpected. With Sol-I.D., now anyone can be prepared for an emergency or natural disaster. Now appropriate medical teams will know all they need to know about you and your family.

What is Sol-I.D.?

Sol-I.D. is a paper thin identification sticker that fits comfortably inside a shoe. It’s also easy to fill out and apply. The special transparent protector sheet keeps writing from being obscured by even the most active of feet. Most importantly, its design allows you to easily record information that may prove life-saving in an emergency. Name, allergies, and emergency contacts become immediately accessible to any health-care provider or law enforcement officer. It speaks for you when you can’t speak for yourself.

Sol-I.D. is the preferred method of personal identification since it is convenient, easy to wear and most of all, private. This is especially important so strangers can’t obtain personal information about children — a problem with traditional, outwardly visible tags.

Sol-ID your sticker for life

Satisfying a vital humanitarian need, organizations across the country have purchased and distributed Sol-I.D. and subsequently have gained a tremendous amount of goodwill. Sol-I.D. continues to serve organizations as both a popular giveaway item and a source of favorable publicity. And since a company’s logo can be imprinted on each sticker, the repetitive daily exposure to Sol-I.D. users is invaluable.

The program has become so well received that even the American College of Emergency Physicians, an international organization with more than 11,000 members, has become involved. They urged thousands of emergency centers across the country to also implement Sol-I.D. into Emergency Medical Services week — an event designed to make the public more aware of advances in emergency medical care.

As more and more people take up jogging, bicycling, and participate in other activities; when they don’t ordinarily carry identification, Sol-I.D. has almost become a necessity. And, for identifying missing children, it’s a life saver.

Sol-ID your sticker for life

     Think about it, shouldn’t Sol-ID be your sticker for life?